About Us

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Mission Statement

Seton Center is a human services agency that helps break cycles of poverty. Seton Center provides dental, social and educational programs to address current community needs, and tools to help support people in transforming their lives.


Founded in 1969 by the Daughters of Charity and the Ladies of Charity of Metropolitan Kansas City, Seton Center is dedicated to serving neighbors in need in Kansas City’s urban core.

Seton Center has evolved into a comprehensive community and neighborhood center providing a food pantry, rent and utility assistance, thrift store, and one of Kansas City’s largest safety net dental services.

Seton Center is funded through foundation grants, donations from individuals, corporations, civic groups and faith communities, and fees for dental services.

Who We Serve

Dental Services

  • 63%  African American
  • 26% Hispanic/Latino
  •   9% Caucasian
  •   2% Other

Social Services

  • 71%  African American
  • 14%  Hispanic/Latino
  •   8%  Caucasian/Other
  •   7%  Other

One third of the overall clients we serve are children under the age of 18 and 100% of those we serve live at or below the poverty level.

Seton Center’s service area for Social Services encompasses the lowest income zip codes in the Kansas City area: 64126, 64127 and 64128, as well as portions of 64109, 64129, and 64130. Social Services are provided for eligible individuals and families at no charge. To ensure that resources are directed where they are most needed, individuals must provide documentation including identification, proof of residence, and income.

Dental patients come from a 10-county area in Missouri and Kansas. Costs for dental services are assessed on a sliding scale, based on income and number of dependents.


Seton Center’s Board of Trustees and Community Support Board are working boards comprised of business and community representatives who are deeply committed to the mission of the organization. Board members are actively engaged in the life, sustainability, and growth of Seton Center through volunteer, financial, and professional support.

Board of Trustees:

  • Denise Jackman, Chair
  • Michael Coleman, Vice Chair
  • P.J. Reardon, Treasurer
  • Beth Radtke, Secretary
  • Fr. Mike Clary
  • Robert Frazier
  • Damian Garcia
  • Matt Jennings
  • Danny Rodriguez
  • Nina Utsey
Ex Officio Members:
  • Robin Humphrey, Washington Wheatley Neighborhood Association – President
  • Susan Wagner, Ladies of Charity – President of Metropolitan Kansas City
  • Molly Turner, Seton Center – CEO


  • Molly Turner, CEO
  • Chelsea Fernandez, Director of Operations
  • Brett Blackwelder, Dental Practice Manager
  • Paula Davis, Director of Mission Integration, Volunteers
  • Tracey Blaker, Finance Controller
  • John Walter, Director of Development

Non-Discrimination Policy

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Seton Center recognizes, appreciates, values, and utilizes the unique talents and contributions of all individuals regardless of age, race, ethnicity, culture, disability, educational level or background, employee status, family status, gender, language, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

Seton Center embraces the different attributes and perspectives of our clients, staff, and outside stakeholders to best serve our diverse neighborhood and all those who turn to us for assistance.